Government Marketing

Digital Targeting is devoted to the advancement of strategic marketing and communications in governments and non-profits. Through our in depth “onboarding” analysis process we help organizations achieve their marketing and communications goals more efficiently and effectively.

Digital Targeting provides communications outreach solutions for public agencies, including companies that serve the public on behalf of government. Our goal is to effectively inform the public, businesses, and community leaders about your organization or initiative. We specialize in building awareness of projects, services, which can generate support for your company or organization. We do all of this through the use of very targeted online digital marketing to only your audience. These audiences can be as broad as all residents in a specific zip code; and as specific as a location, demographic specified, income level, interests, and behaviors. In addition to being a green form of communicating your message, there is complete transparency, accountability and metrics in place to demonstrate that notification has been completed; in a manner that has never been historically possible with the previously used standard methods of notification.

Some of our recent projects include the plastic bag ban in the City of Los Angeles,, LA Sanitation, "awareness" of the Household Hazardous Waste, Sharps, and No Drugs Down The Drain initiatives. We are very excited about being apart of the LA Lite Rail extension project starting very soon; between Crenshaw and LAX. We welcome the opportunity to work with you on all of your initiatives and awareness programs. Lets schedule a time to have an in-depth discussion and allow us the opportunity to develop an implementation strategy and move forward in this Green-Digital format.