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Post Search Retargeting

Applying the Intent of Search to the Power of Display! Target potential customers with display advertising based on search history.



Because of its growing popularity, some PPC (Pay Per Click) Advertising keywords have become very expensive. Some keywords can cost $20-$60 just for one click! All without a guaranteed phone call, lead, or purchase; only a click. Clicks alone do not lead to conversions. So, with that knowledge, how can you target a user whom is searching for a term that you know directly links to your business?

Post Search Retargeting Ad Funnel

The answer is Post Search Retargeting. We can now follow that user around the internet with your ad/offer, and drive them to your website at a fraction of the cost. How about your competitors? Do you find your online marketplace saturated with similar content? We offer solutions that market your business even when clients are searching for your nearest competitor!

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