Maximize your budgets and campaigns to

Get Clicks That Convert


Statistically, only 2-3% of visitors take action on any given website. Meaning the visitor either calls you, or request more information through a contact form. What happens to the other 97-98%? They either do nothing or continue to browse the internet looking for another solution.

We all know the old adage, ‘it’s cheaper to keep a customer, than it is to find a new one’. This holds true for your company’s website traffic. It’s cheaper to get customers to return to your site than it is to find a new visitor.

This is where Digital Targeting comes in. We track every visitor to your site and target market them even after they have left. It is proven that returning visitors will convert at a higher rate and also spend more than someone who has not been retargeted. We target your visitors with display and text ads, as often as we want.

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