Use Digital Targeting to ....

Generate More Student Leads

Student Recruitment Marketing

Digital Targeting has the ability to pinpoint your targeted prospective student providing key messages to them wherever they are online.

We focus on the WHO not just the WHERE!

Digital Direct Marketing Online, regardless of where your potential student may visit, or what devise they may be using we will get in front of them.

Who is your potential student?

We work with our clients to help pinpoint your ideal potential student and encourage them to consider your institution. Our scalable solutions, based on your goals and current cash flow /(budget) allows us to grow with you over time.

Our unique ability to track a lead from first contact to enrollment allows for clearer testing and continuous improvements. This model is valuable for your bottom line.

Now the only question is: how many students do you need, and how many times can you afford to target a prospective student?

Additional Unique Benefits:

  • Partner in Matriculation process
  • Constant monitoring and Optimization of your campaign with complete transparency
  • Internationally Scalable
  • Systems in place to ensure a positive experience for prospective students from first contact to enrollment
  • Campaign Manager with regular update meetings
  • In House Ad Designers & Campaign Managers
  • Ongoing Admissions Training and performance
  • Detailed reporting for internal conversion rates
  • Focus on lowering your cost per enrollment
  • Optimizing both your external campaigns as well as internal lead flow

Lets discuss your needs and goals so together we can develop an ideal plan to ensure you’re never without enough students.