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Digital Targeting is a full service internet firm specializing in customized online technology that helps companies decrease costs and increase sales. Digital Targeting’s web services include; webpage design and development, logo design, e-commerce, mobile responsive development, search engine optimization, and the newest web technologies available.

Digital Targeting offers a wide variety of services for our clients. These include project management, graphic design, e-commerce development, marketing and hosting. Digital Targeting is a unique online-based company in that all of our work is done in-house which helps to eliminate time wasted on waiting for third party services.

Digital Targeting offers the client incredible turnaround times. Digital Targeting’s project managers use a systematic rapid development procedure, based on object-oriented programming to make this possible. You will be surprised how quickly we can have your site up and making you money! Our graphic designers have years of experience with the latest high-end graphical technologies.

Our programmers have developed many of the most comprehensive e-commerce applications. Digital Targeting’s self-maintenance module gives the client the ability to update their own site with new products and services. This is a real advantage in the ever-changing .com world.

Digital Targeting covers all the aspects of your web business. Our savvy marketing staff understands and utilizes the latest Web technologies to increase the productivity of your site. Controlling online traffic by attracting new customers and most importantly keeping those customers is the key to a successful site.

Digital Targeting's primary focus is conversion oriented websites, landing pages, and micro-sites, to increase on page conversions. The page must be a "Mousetrap", capturing every visitor, piquing their interest and getting them to reach out to you. We have built in tracking that captures as much detail about the visitor and the conversion as possible, which is part of our conversion platform. From dynamic phone numbers to dynamic content, to A/B testing.

Always feel free to contact us with any questions or comments: 888-995-6602